Home Warranty For Peace Of Mind

Dated: 06/27/2017

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Home Warranty For Peace of Mind


A home warranty can help you from the expense of repairing a leak in ceilingQ. What is a Home Warranty?

A. Most providers define it as this:  a one-year purchased service contract that protects a resale home buyer or current homeowner against the cost of unexpected repairs or replacement of major systems and appliances that break down due to normal usage.

Q. What does a Home Warranty cover?

A. A policy or service contract can cover just the basics, or you can tack on various systems to be covered.  For example your AC system may be cover for repair of the controller boards and other fixes.  However these repairs or replacements my have a cap on the monetary coverage.  Make sure to ask before purchasing or when comparing.  Normally any repair or replacement is subject to a small deductible, usually in the $75-100 range.

Q. How much does a Home Warranty cost?

A. The annual purchase price can vary widely depending on what you want covered.  Generally the cost will be roughly $400-600 per year.  For any claim or repair you request, there is normally a deductible ranging from $75-100, depending on the plan.

Q. When Can I purchase a Home Warranty?  Can I renew?

A. A home warranty can generally be purchased anytime by the homeowner.  Typically, you see them most often purchased as part of the sale of a home.  You can also renew it each year.  For us, the original home warranty was purchased by the seller at closing of the sale of our home.  We recently renewed our policy and will continue to do so.  The cost of the home warranty was paid twice over with the savings from an HVAC repair.

Q. Is a Home Warranty worth it?

A. As a personal testament, 6 months after we purchased our home we had an issue with the upstairs AC system not cooling at all.  A call to our home warranty company resulted in an HVAC technician showing up the next day to troubleshoot and isolate the problem.  After a couple of days waiting for the part to arrive from the manufacturer it was installed and worked like a champ. The total cost to me?  $75!.  The technician said the controller board replacement is normally an $800-1000 job based on the system we had.


For us it was a no-brainer having a home warranty since our home is about 15 years old and at the point where issues can pop up anytime.  But owners of new homes should also consider a home warranty as extra protection against things the builder may not cover in their one or two year builder warranty.

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Home Warranty For Peace Of Mind

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